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A damp proof sheet is a plastic membrane used as an underlay for a concrete floor. This waterproof sheet is laid between the insulation layer and the sand base, and offers the concrete protection against damp. The concrete is then poured on top of the insulation. Common examples include:

Epoxy damp-proof membrane - an epoxy resin for suppressing residual rising damp in concrete. Applied by brush or roller in one or two coats.

Polypropylene membrane - a sheet membrane fixed with clips and tape.

Bitumen-latex emulsion - a waterproofing compound, vapour barrier, damp proof membrane and protective coating applied by brush or roller.

Manufacturers of damp proof sheeting include:

Eco friendly alternatives

Plastic and polythene packaging are often considered less green than their glass or paper-based alternatives. Plastic and polythene packaging are actually one of the greenest forms of packaging and helps cost-effectively expand shelf-lives and reduce wastage of food and other perishables. Did you know for instance that:

  • Polythene is significantly lighter than glass and paper and so results in significantly lower carbon emissions when transported
  • Plastic packaging has a very low carbon footprint compared to glass and paper requiring only a tiny fraction of the energy they need to produce
  • Plastic packaging can be recycled, cheapily and easily and requires less energy to do so than paper, card or glass

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Research and resources

For more detailed information damp proof sheeting including how they are manufactured and the different types of packaging products available, please see:

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How to damp proof your basement or cellar

Floor - Make a layer of sand then cover it with a layer of polyethylene damp proof membrane which is a plastic sheet obtainable from Polybags Ltd. The sheet must be lapped up the walls and can be secured using self adhesive tape. Any joints in the plastic sheet must be made by holding about 10cm of each piece of plastic together then folding them so that one of the pieces goes back on itself and the other lies on top. Then cover the plastic sheet with sand/cement screed.

Walls - Use flashing tape to secure the plastic sheet which has been lapped up the wall. Apply a sand/cement render on top of the waterproof coating, about 50mm thick.

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